Green Energy: Ukraine Can Slice Off a Nice Piece of the Global Pie

By: Jon Queen

Ukraine’s natural resources and Green Tariff, combined with a growing global caution toward nuclear energy, strategically position the country to become a regional renewable energy powerhouse. But in order to capitalize on the opportunity, the country must take important market development steps and measures. Jon Queen of Jaspen Capital Partners analyzes the situation and provides his expert commentary.

After the tragic recent events in Japan, the future of Ukraine’s “green energy” sector has brightened. For several years the Government of Ukraine has focused on plans to increase the country’s nuclear energy capacity, relegating alternative energy sources as a minor aim. But now Ukraine must start to pay attention to “green energy.” Because Ukraine is the location of the Chernobyl catastrophe, the government now faces domestic political challenges to continue developing nuclear sector after Fukashima. This reality opens new possibilities and stimuli to promote Ukraine domestic alternative energy infrastructure as a gap filler for itsenergy consumption needs.

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